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How it all started

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

So what inspired me to pick up a paintbrush again after many years, 2 things really, time and a gentle push from a friend.

In terms of time, this came from the fact that I "retired" in 2019 so in theory had more of this rare resource than ever before, and as far as the push this came from some close friends, Rich and Suzy who gifted me some paints an an easel and then reminded me after several months that they still had not seen any output.

So Rich was about to turn 50 (he'll always deny this ever happened) so I thought it would be a small surprise to paint him a picture and I chose Jimi Hendrix, one of his many heroes, and below is the first painting I had done for many years. It was wrapped in simple cardboard so he thought it was a giant birthday card, on the morning of his birthday he was pretty happy and it's fair to say a little surprised. He's since gone on to have this framed and it now sits happily on his wall, see his quote below.....

"I was lucky enough to be gifted a piece by Skrewart for my 50th birthday. Jimmy how it lights up the wall with the vibrant colours and the techniques used add a dimension to the piece. I love many styles of art, however owning an original piece is a must for everyone. You can feel the time, love and brushstrokes invested in creating a statement piece that is a focal talking point in my home....I love it...I’m sure you will also 💙"

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