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        So what’s the story behind “SkrewArt” In my life I have only ever failed one exam “O level” Art, drawing a boring bowl of fruit just never did it for me so despite ambitions to become a graphic Artist I thought Screw Art I’m going to go down a different path. Many years later after 35 years in the corporate world I felt it was time to explore other avenues. A close friend gifted me some paints and an easel and gradually I was drawn back into the rewarding world of Art, exploring the use of colour and simple techniques to create vibrant art. I now have a small studio and a growing number of pieces of art that deserve to be on display somewhere other than a storage room. I paint what I like, this started out taking black & white pictures of music/film icons and bringing them to life and creating energy with abstract bursts of colour, moving forward I became fascinated by the intensity, spirit and zest that could be given to Face portraits again using colour and then I have explored how the movement and Flow of paint can combine to make simple abstract paintings with impact. So from all those years ago when I thought "screw art", I have now decided to see if SkrewArt can finally give me and maybe a few others just that little bit of joy. 


Everyone has their heroes, icons from the silver screen, the music stage or just because they were so damn cool!

This is a view into some of my heroes and maybe one or two of yours.

Amy Winehouse

Expressions can show so many emotions and through the evocative use of colour we explore how this can be brought to life in canvas.


The most abstract and eclectic pieces are brought together in this collection where we use the flow of the paint to translate the energy and movement of each subject.

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